Tallinn, Tallinn

Marta Vegan House has found a home in a traditional wooden building in the central area of Tallinn. Just half an hour walk away you will arrive at the Old Town, which belongs to the list of UNESCO heritage.

First “Vegan Guesthouse” in Tallinn

We are proud to be the very first “Vegan Guesthouse” in Tallinn, in Estonia!

In every little detail we will contribute to the idea of reducing any kind of suffering of animals: no feather pillows, no leather furniture in the house.

Vegan Garden Cafe

During summer we open our Garden-Cafe, where we’ll serve healthy plant-based dishes, prepared from organic ingredients, most also gluten-free.

An Oasis in Tallinn

Our garden is like an oasis in a quiet residential area of Tallinn: in the midst of maple tree, oak tree and apple tree, you can enjoy the musical symphony of the birds. Marta Vegan House is just half an hour away from the airport: you will arrive with the direct tram line to our peaceful, cozy, wooden log-house, which is over one century old.

You can find your own private spot in the wild and sunny garden full of flowers. Or lay down in a hammock and just enjoy the green of the tree leaves and the blue sky. Feel free to pick some fresh berries from various bushes in our garden-paradise. You can even sit on the top of the apple tree: that’s our favourite spot!

The Vegan Guesthouse

There are 10 cozy rooms in the Vegan Guesthouse.

1901 built family run Vegan House is renovated with ecological, natural materials: reed, clay, traditional colours. Our aim is to preserve the nature and the health of guests – materials used are of natural origin.

Maybe that’s the reason, why birds are always there. When you are lucky, you can get a room just next to a bird nest!

Our goal is to save this little house with character, preserve its atmosphere and share with our beloved guests the unique feeling the house has to offer!

Here you experience the “stepping back from everyday hustle, step back to simplicity”.

100% vegan kitchen
Raw food options available
Gluten free options available
Breakfast available
Built following ecological principles
Organic care products
Vegan care products
Vegan room facilities
Internet connection available
Family friendly
Pets on request
Spoken language(s): English, German
Certified by VeggieHotels

Number of rooms: 10

Price per room from: 39 EUR

For prices and availability please use the booking request or visit the website of the hotel

Booking request

Address / Contact


Marta 8
11312 Tallinn

Phone: +372 - 502 4050