VeggieHotels® – the first vegetarian
hotel association worldwide

There are few target groups which the tourism and hospitality industry have not flooded with custom-made offers. But so far it has been difficult for people with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to find hotels, Bed and Breakfasts or guest houses that naturally cater to their needs and desires.

With the launching of VeggieHotels this has changed. Since 2011, VeggieHotels offers a platform that connects vegetarian and vegan guests and hosts worldwide.

Why purely vegetarian?

Some may ask, why does VeggieHotels only accept hotels which are purely vegetarian, meaning they consistently do not offer meat of fish?
We believe there is a great difference between a kitchen which prepares only vegetarian meals, versus a kitchen which will accommodate vegetarian or vegan wishes, but otherwise processes meat and fish also.

Ecology and ethics

The growing importance of sustainability and ethics in the tourism industry is evident. VeggieHotels are taking on a pioneer role. The reduced carbon footprint of a vegetarian and especially a vegan diet attests to the positive environmental impact of VeggieHotels.
In addition, VeggieHotels fulfill daily the ethical aspects of tourism that practices harmlessness toward animals.

Not only for vegetarians

Of course VeggieHotels welcomes all people who want to enjoy a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet during their vacation, travels, seminars or resort stays. Purely vegetarian meals are not just healthy. In many VeggieHotels, passionate Veggie-cooks create new and creative vegetarian and vegan menus which will satisfy even very sophisticated palates. With VeggieHotels you will find the whole range – from a vegetarian whole foods breakfast in a Veggie-Bed and Breakfast to a multi-course vegan dinner in a first-class hotel. A VeggieHotel visit can help with transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan diet, or simply provide a taste of vegetarian cuisine.

Vegan cuisine in VeggieHotels

Most VeggieHotels will accommodate vegan guests and can be easily identified with the ‘detailed search‘ option. Some hotels offer exclusively vegan menus, which means that no animal products are used at all.

The VeggieHotels team

The founders of VeggieHotels are Thomas and Karen Klein, travel journalists, and IT specialist Peter Haunert. All three have been vegetarians since youth and since several years also vegan. Having gone through many different professional stages in the areas of journalism, tourism marketing and IT, they have combined their knowledge and experience in VeggieHotels to provide a professional platform for the vegetarian hospitality industry.