Retreathaus Kluse Compane

Osterwald, Niedersachsen

In this renovated farmhouse in a green setting, you will find peace in the house, in the nature garden and along the canal. You go on a self-retreat, or we offer guidance in mindfulness or meditation.

Retreat house for Mindfulness training

A certified Mindfulness teacher (MBSR) directs the trainings. There are mindfulness courses for beginners and advanced. During the holidays we offer alternative courses with other exercises than in the official MBSR-mindfulness course. You are participating in a small group. The trainings are from 3 to 7 days, or you can choose an individual appointment.

Brief mindfulness exercises help to create moments of silence in everyday life. Mindfulness, that is, the ability to feel one’s own thoughts, feelings and body sensations, is improved. You will perceive better how a stimulus, e.g. a certain sound brings you up. The resulting improvements help to deal healthier with stress. This will make you feel more friendly to others and you will be more friendly to yourself. It also makes it easier to set your own course.

For people who are looking for relaxation and want to tackle the stress on the root.

Personal retreat

  • Turning point
    There are moments in life where we need a break to shape a turning point. You, alone or with your partner, would like to have rest and space to talk with each other. This is possible in Kluse Compane.
  • Small group
    To start or end a common project. The quiet atmosphere offers inspiration and space.
  • Meditate
    The atmosphere in the house is perfect to create a meditation retreat. You follow your own kind of meditation, or you ask guidance in wise well willing meditation.
  • Being silent
    Perhaps you want to remain silent? That can. We will discuss how you want to design your retreat.

House in green countryside

The retreat house offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study room and a meditation room. We eat in the big kitchen, or on the covered terrace. Around the house is a natural garden of over one hectare with flower meadows, fruit trees, groves, oak gallery. In the garden are some special seats in the nature.
Directly from the house you can walk in nature, for example a hiking trail along the canal, or to the old sheep stable, or to the Nature park consisting of raised bog.

There are many kilometers of cycling trails all around. From home you have the choice of 6 cycling trips. The International Nature Park Bourtanger Moor Bargerveen is only three kilometers away.

  • Without: radio, television, WLAN
  • Mobile phone, Whatsapp etc. only in your own bedroom
  • From two nights
  • We are asking for your help to keep your room clean, cover the table and wash dishes

Vegan options available
Full board available
Meditation, Cycling, Hiking
Mindfulness training, MBSR-courses
Spoken language(s): English, Dutch, German
Certified by VeggieHotels

Number of rooms: 4

Price per room from: 60 EUR

  • incl. full board
For prices and availability please use the booking request or visit the website of the hotel

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Address / Contact

Retreathaus Kluse Compane

Vennweg 13
49828 Osterwald, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)5946 - 331 9932