Our Home Health Center

Vinnytsya, Vinnytsya Oblast

Our Home is a health education and wellness center. There, you can benefit from a wide range of non-pharmacological, health-improving treatments and learn how to get well and stay well, to enhance your vigor and improve you quality of life!

We specialize on NCDs (non-communicable diseases) such as cardio-vascular, hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, auto-immune, cancer and many others. They are often referred to as “diseases of civilization” caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

We help our guests and patients to reverse these diseases by lifestyle modification and natural treatments like hydrotherapy, massage, use of medicinal herbs, exercise, etc.

Balanced vegan cuisine

Balanced and delicious vegan cuisine is also a part of our treatment plan. We serve traditional Ukrainian food in vegan version in a way, that few people can sense the difference. We also believe that healthy food should be palatable and delicious. Scientific research shows that permanent healthy diet is better than short term diets and following setback for health reasons, and so we do everything for our guests and patients to fall in love with the vegan way of eating and to continue it at home. To give our guests the knowledge in vegan cuisine we offer cooking classes every day of our program. Our guests enjoy eating at our restaurant and gaining new knowledge about food and cooking.

Our farm

Most vegetables, local fruits and berries, wheat and legumes are grown on our farm just around the health center so we know what we give our guests. We have our own bakery and tofu production. We also can, dry and freeze a lot of our own produce to use in winter as is still traditionally done in Ukraine.

Medical assistance

Doctors at Our Home have conventional medical backgrounds and can use medications when necessary, but prefer to use natural remedies and guide patients through life modification to combat disease and avoid harmful side effects of drugs. They also help patients to lower dosage of medications or to discontinue their use when possible.

Staying at Our Home

Nestled on the edge of an oak forest and Southern Bug river, the Center gives a chance to escape hectic city life and to restore your strength in nature, living at the same time in the comfortable environment of the Health Center. We have single, twin and family rooms, as well as apartments.

For tourists desiring to know Ukrainian people and culture, villages nearby untouched by tourism, provide excellent opportunities to see the real life of Ukrainians as it has been for decades. Vinnytsya city is just an hour from Our Home with its museums and famous musical fountain Roshen. Sofia arberetrum park of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is also just 90 minutes away.

Most staff speak Ukrainian and Russian, but some speak English as well. It is possible to have an interpreter.

If you travel by car, secure parking at Our Home is free for guests and patients.

Our Home is located 4 hours from Kiev, the national capital and 1 hour from Vinnytsya, both cities have international airports.

100% vegan
Full board available
Internet connection available
Family friendly
Swimming pool
Cooking courses
Spoken language(s): English, Ukrainian, Russian
Certified by VeggieHotels

Number of rooms: 20

Price per person from: 40 USD

incl. full board

For prices and availability please use the booking request or visit the website of the hotel

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Address / Contact

Our Home Health Center

36 Lisova str., Novi Obihody village, Nemyriv district
22856 Vinnytsya, Ukraine

Phone: +38-067-946-20-13