Kasa d´Vizin

Eito, Santo Antão

Kasa d’ Vizin means ‘the neighbour’s house’ in Creole. We are located in a small village called “Eito” on the island of Santo Antão. From Eito you have views overlooking the mountains and the green Valley of Paul as well as the ocean. Our house is a regular village house that consists of 4 levels and has been upgraded and renovated to receive our guests in comfort. Suitable for long or short stays.

During your stay you will be immersed in Cape Verdean culture. When you meet your neighbours you will be greeted with a “Bom dia”, “Boa tarde” or a “Bom noite” depending on the time of day. You will hear the sounds, see the sights and experience the scents of every day Cape Verdean life.

Our guesthouse is located in the middle of the small agglomeration people call “Eito d tsima”, or, “the upper part of Eito”. The word “eito” refers to a large area of agricultural land. When you look out of the window, you will see that to this day the land around the building is still used for agriculture. You can see sugar cane, mango-, breadfruit- and banana trees, cassava, …

Our rooms

Kasa d’Vizin is a boutique hotel with 2 ensuite double rooms, who each have their own coffee/tea corner with a fridge, and 2 apartments with fully equipped kitchens.

Our smallest room, the Blue room, is especially suited for a single traveler or a couple. The Yellow room is more spacious, and has a sitting area with a sofabed. These rooms have a shared terrace, with chairs and a table.

The largest apartment is a two-bedroom apartment that has amazing scenic views over the mountains and the Paul valley. It is spacious enough for 4 people. This apartment is called the Orange room. The other apartment is a studio apartment, called the Green room. It is about the same size as the two-bedroom apartment, but has an open plan layout. This apartment is located on the ground floor and is surrounded by greenery. From the window you can see banana-, mango-, breadfruit- and papaya trees. Both apartments have a private terrace and the Green apartment has a private entrance.

On the rooftop there’s a terrace with a stunning 360° view. This is where we serve our guests breakfast, but also lunch and dinner on request.

Our hotel specialties

We are a small scale boutique hotel. Because we can only receive a maximum of 10-12 guests, we are very attentive to our guests. We have a local guide on staff to advise you on hikes and excursions. We like to arrange our guests their stay from pick-up at the airport in Mindelo to our guesthouse in Eito and back, so things run smoothly. Don’t hesitate to send us special requests. We also adapt our menu to allergies (as good as we can).

Our vegan food

We are a farm to table restaurant, everything we serve is grown locally. Our kitchen is a fusion of international dishes with traditional Cape Verdean food. We only serve vegan food at our restaurant. For breakfast we serve traditional Cape Verdean food such as catchupa, fdjoze de banana, funguim made with sweet potato and bread with locally made jams. For lunch we offer our guests a two course meal or a packed lunch to take on a hike or excursion. At dinner we serve a three course meal: a starter, main course and dessert. We work with fresh ingredients only, that’s why we ask our guests to make a reservation for lunch or dinner.

The surrounding & activities

Santo Antão is a green, mountainous island that’s mainly known for its hiking trails. If hiking is not your thing, there’s plenty of places to discover by public transport or rented car (with or without driver). During and right after rain season the rivers are full of water and there’s many natural pools for you to have a swim and relax. At other times, there’s the natural lava pools of Sinagoga where you can go for a swim, or one of the beaches near Porto Novo. You can make an excursion to the other side of the island and visit the authentic villages like Cruzinha and Chã de Igreja or discover the other valleys of Santo Antão, like Ribeira de Torre or Ribeira das Patas. We also offer workshops like a catchupa making workshop, a coffee roasting workshop for the coffee lovers, or if you like sweets things, we can show you how to make the fdjoze and funguim.

Santo Antão is perfect for the more adventurous traveler, but also for the people who don’t want to go too far out of their comfort zone. Our hotel offers all European comfort, but with a Cape Verdean vibe. You will find that Cape Verde itself is also a mixture between European and African cultures. The people are very friendly and helpful. Regarding the native animals and insects, there aren’t any dangerous animals or insects, so you can enjoy a worry free travel.

100% vegan kitchen
Raw food options available
Breakfast available, Half board available, Full board available
Vegan care products
Vegan room facilities
Internet connection available
Pets on request
Cooking courses, Hiking
Spoken language(s): English, French, German
Certified by VeggieHotels

Number of rooms: 4

Price per person from: 40 EUR

For prices and availability please use the booking request or visit the website of the hotel

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Address / Contact

Kasa d´Vizin

Santo Antão
Cape Verde

Phone: +238 9823858

Operated by:

Insol BV
De Moystraat 10
2018 Antwerpen