HOY Paris

Paris, Île-de-France

Hoy means TODAY in Spanish. This very day, the present moment.

HOY is intended to be a meeting place, evolving around health and well being of the body, mind and soul in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, where an international team is waiting to help you make today happen.

HOY: House of Yoga

We adopt yoga as one of our main pillars
In each of our 22 rooms you’ll find natural air purifiers, dance bars for easy stretching and a yoga set for personal practice. Besides this, one room was designed to be our wellness room, dedicated to energy and osteopathic care intending to take care of our guests.

HOY chose the Yoga YUJ studio, known in Paris to be the first dark Yoga Studio with infrared lights. The sessions are open to our hotel guests.

Using organic and French products, our toiletries are unique blends we’ve created in partnership with the first zero waste shop in Paris, The Naked Shop.

MESA – vegan-vegetarian cuisine

Eating is a soul-calling moment for us, our restaurant menu at MESA was made in collaboration with the English chef, Lauren Lovatt, elevating our dishes with a plant-based cuisine inspired by Latin America.

Environmentally conscious

One of our steady missions is having environmentally conscious habits. We address our waste to an organization that promotes ethical practices. We find joy sourcing sustainable products with local providers and we work with regional and foreign artisans to whom we commission bespoke pieces making HOY a one of a kind experience.

Finding joy in personal rituals during our vacation, seeking new ways to indulge and restore ourselves, inspiring new perspectives.

Our accommodation, MESA Restaurant, Yoga Studio and La Florería are specially created to trigger and upgrade your stay with us in Paris.

Opción de comida vegana
Cocina 100 % orgánica
Opción de comida cruda
Opción de alimentación libre de lactosa
Opción de alimentación libre de gluten
Desayuno opcional, Media pensión opcional, Opción de pensión completa
Restaurante abierto al publico
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Artículos de tocador vegano
Equipamiento habitaciones vegano
Se observan principios de la bio - construcción
Accesible a personas diversamente hábiles
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Hablamos: Ingles, Francés, Italiano, Español
VeggieHotel certificado

Número de habitaciones: 22

Precio por habitacion desde: 170 EUR

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HOY Paris

68 rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris

Teléfono: +33 (0)177 378 720