Strandhotel am Weissensee

Weissensee, Kärnten

In the family-run Strandhotel am Weissensee everything is celestial, comfortable and healthy.

Enjoy our island of wellbeing, the luxurious lake spa with its relaxation and treatment facilities directly on the lake. In the exquisite suites and rooms, most of which have a view of the lake, all constructed and furnished with natural materials, you will immediately feel at home.

Natural “haute cuisine”

The main focus of our house cuisine is on healthy, high-quality, vegetarian and vegan food.

We serve divine-tasting and healthy dishes with seasonal ingredients from the immediate area when possible, high quality vegetables and freshly picked herbs from the kitchen garden.

Pure vegetarian-vegan for discerning connoisseurs

The kitchen at the Strandhotel am Weissensee is a temple of subtle tastes for discerning connoisseurs. In the idyllic hotel and its adjoining apartments on the lake, guests report they have a feeling of abundant wellness.

At The Strandhotel am Weissensee the combination of fine ingredients and passionate enthusiasm for experimentation opens up fascinating new vistas of vegetarian cuisine. Intense aromas of exquisite vegetable combinations, unusual herbs and succulent truffles, depending on the season, as well as the concept of transforming them into a symphony of tastes.

Luxurious apartments for the perfect family holiday

Enjoy our family-friendly, exclusive apartments and spacious suites – close to the lake with all its surrounding natural beauty. Choose our self catering apartments with kitchen, or let yourself be spoiled in our Strandhotel am Weissensee restaurant!

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Hablamos: Ingles, Alemán
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Número de habitaciones: 30

Precio por habitacion desde: 118 EUR

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Strandhotel am Weissensee

Neusach 18
9762 Weissensee, Austria

Teléfono: +43 4713 2219