Ökodorf Sieben Linden

Beetzendorf OTPoppau, Sachsen-Anhalt

The Sieben Linden Ecovillage has been in existence since 1997 and is a holistic community project with the goal of implementing sustainable lifestyles that greatly reduce the ecological footprint.
Sieben Linden sees itself as an ecovillage and as a community. To live communally while respecting and honoring the needs and characteristics of each person – this is our vision and daily challenge. Our foundations for this are transparency and trust-building in contact, honest and mindful communication and mutual appreciation.

Ecology, Social Affairs, Culture and Economy

Our overriding goal in Sieben Linden is to reduce the ecological footprint (the area on earth that a person consumes with their respective lifestyle) in all areas of life.

The areas of ecology, social affairs, culture and economy go hand in hand to combine a sustainable way of life with a high quality. Thus, the ecovillage can only be understood against the background of its lively community life.

The Strohtel

Our Strohtel offers pure eco-luxury and is the first accommodation facility in straw-loam construction in Germany: Clay plaster provides a pleasant indoor climate, straw walls for insulation. The ventilation system with heat recovery and thermal solar systems minimize heating energy consumption. If the sun is not enough, we heat with wood from our forests.

Interior furnishings, mostly handmade in Sieben Linden, as well as dry separation toilets and green roofs round out the sustainability of the house. All rooms in the Strohtel have the possibility to switch off the electricity circuit in the rooms completely at night. Wired LAN connections are available in all Strohtel rooms.

Educational and visiting offers & vacations

We pass on our experience to interested parties in a variety of educational and visiting offers. Feel free to come by for a seminar or vacation! We also offer some of our educational content as online courses.

Possibilité de restauration végétalienne
Cuisine 100% bio
Possibilité de restauration crue
Possibilité de restauration sans gluten
Possibilité de restauration sans lactose
Pension complète possible
Chambre anti-allergique
Articles de toilette biologique
Articles de toilette végétalienne
Respects des principes d'écoconstruction
Adaptées pour les personnes handicapées
Accès Internet
Electric vehicle charging station
Enfants bienvenus
Yoga, Méditation, Vélo, Randonnée
Langues pratiquées : Anglais, Français, Allemand
VeggieHotel certifié

Nombre de chambres: 22

Catégorie de prix: simple

Demande de réservation

Adresse / Contact

Ökodorf Sieben Linden

Freundeskreis Ökodorf e.V.
Sieben Linden 1
38489 Beetzendorf OTPoppau

Téléphone: +49 -(0)39000 -51235