Country Life Mattersdorferhof

Feldkirchen, Kärnten

Mattersdorferhof is far more than an idyllic little health center nestled in a beautiful, quiet, forest clearing in the heart of Carinthia. It is a lifestyle education center bursting with the secrets of health and happiness.   
A life of health and happiness is not a result of chance. Here at Mattersdorferhof we are confident that our Creator has designed a plan for it:  
The healing properties of plants and food, combined with a balanced lifestyle, the use of natural remedies and a trust in God are the factors that bring us into harmony with this plan. Every member of our Christian staff lives this lifestyle, a plant based diet, gardening, and spiritual and physical activity, to maintain their balance and joy.   
Experience health – it is really easy in our Newstart ®-Lifestyle programs, lectures and seminars. Our lifestyle programs are especially beneficial to those who want to understand the cause of disease and learn to implement a whole new lifestyle to avoid them.  These programs begin daily with early morning gymnastics, a balanced wholesome breakfast and a digestive walk. Daily lectures on the principles of health and causes of diseases and the practical workshops give you the tools you need to continue the lifestyle when you return home.   
Workshops include: healthful cooking classes, a herb walk, home remedies including charcoal and water remedies and much more.  
An individualized relaxing massage or hydrotherapy treatment given by your personal lifestyle counselor completes the program.   
At your request or as you desire we offer personal pastoral care, spiritual counseling, and daily group worships for the vitality of your heart and soul. Our guests especially appreciate the “family-like” and personal atmosphere.  
We have observed outstanding results in these programs especially for those diagnosed with Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, High Cholesterol, Gout, Arthritis, Burnout, Allergies, any other lifestyle related diseases. The program is also excellent for those who want to stop smoking, overcome mild addictions or detoxify.   
Our large vegetable garden is the basis for the tasty meals that come from our kitchen. We specialize in a “made-from-scratch” plant based cuisine that is free from pesticides, and chemicals.   
Of course our house is smoke-and alcohol-free, and equipped with no television or radio.  

We offer:
  • Newstart ® – lifestyle program (11 days)  
  • Plant based whole food cooking classes  
  • Herb walks  
  • A variety of workshops and lectures  
  • A peaceful location, near Maltschachersee (15 min walk)   
  • Close proximity to many attractions for day excursions  
  • Biblical lifestyle center  

Cuisine purement végétalienne
Possibilité de restauration sans gluten
Petit déjeuner disponible, Demi-pension disponible, Pension complète possible
Articles de toilette végétalienne
Chambre végétalienne
Respects des principes d'écoconstruction
Enfants bienvenus
Cours de cuisine, Vélo, Randonnée, Escalade, Sports d'hiver, Sports nautiques
Langues pratiquées : Anglais, Français, Allemand, Espagnol, Russe
VeggieHotel certifié

Nombre de chambres: 7

Prix par chambre de: 53 €

  • avec petit déjeuner

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Country Life Mattersdorferhof

Mattersdorf 10
9560 Feldkirchen

Téléphone: + 43 (0)42 77 / 23 37-0