Casita Ayurveda Tenerife

Icod de los Vinos - S/C de Tenerife, Tenerife

Casita Ayurveda Tenerife is beautifully located above Icod de los Vinos, in the very green, hilly and agricultural area between La Mancha and La Guancha. When our guests wake up, they can see the open sea from all our rooms. Also from all our garden terraces there is a free and unobstructed view of the Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day you can see the neighboring island of La Palma.

Our house

Our house consists of 3 floors and was built in colonial style. The renovation was done very carefully and above all qualitatively very high. Thereby we also paid attention to building biology aspects. In the 3 guest rooms are real wood floors and real wood wall paneling installed. The energetic and interior standard is unusually high for the Canary Islands.

On the first floor is the spacious Ayurveda practice with 3 massage rooms, anamnesis room, changing room with shower and toilet, Ayurvedic sweat cabin with light therapy and tub for alkaline baths. In the middle floor is the pension level with the 3 guest rooms and a large dining room and lounge including tea kitchen.
The large, diverse and very well-kept garden paradise with its many terraces, countless seating options and the always elevated view of the sea always invites you to linger. There are plenty of retreats to relax and regenerate in this oasis. At almost the highest point of the property is the fully equipped yoga house including a yoga meadow in front of it.

Vegan and vegetarian food with focus on ayurvedic cuisine

100% organic and local-regional is the motto at Casita Ayurveda. The ingredients for the lovingly prepared dishes come from a family-run, certified organic farm in the immediate vicinity. Ninety percent of the goods and food come from Tenerife itself, the rest from the neighboring islands. Everything is one hundred percent organic, including the spices and oils. The vegetable and fruit garden is gradually being transformed into a permaculture garden. However, lemons, bananas, oranges, herbs, salads, papaya, avocado, various vegetables and also leaves from their own neem tree are already harvested on site. The focus of the Ayurveda kitchen is on a Dosha or type-fair nutrition. For the fasting cures according to Buchinger and the alkaline fasting according to Wacker, a diet free of any acid-forming substances such as animal protein or other harmful ingredients, only the highest quality organic foods are used. A full organic half-board can also be booked as part of a normal vacation stay.

Therapies and treatments

Different massages are offered (full body, head, foot or hand massages, energy massages, ayurvedic massages), furthermore special ayurvedic treatments such as forehead cast (Shirodhara), local oil treatments (Vasti), herbal stamp (Pinda Sveda) ayurvedic herbal powder massage (Udvartana), but also coaching of different orientation (focus coaching, systemic coaching, ayurvedic coaching, yoga coaching) and personal training.

Cuisine 100% bio
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Possibilité de restauration sans gluten
Possibilité de restauration sans lactose
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Une cure Ayurveda, Cours de jeûne, Yoga, Méditation, Cours de cuisine, Vélo, Randonnée, Escalade, Sports nautiques, Golf
Langues pratiquées : Anglais, Français, Allemand, Italien, Espagnol
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Nombre de chambres: 3

Prix par chambre de: 75 EUR

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Casita Ayurveda Tenerife

Ctra. la Guancha 62/Buen Paso
38434 Icod de los Vinos - S/C de Tenerife

Téléphone: +49 (0)176-235 869 40