Orestes Hütte

Gressoney la Trinité (AO), Valle d’Aosta

Orestes Hütte is a refuge – a mountain refuge at 2600m where no means of transportation are offered to reach us. You must exert some degree of physical effort, but you’ll definitely be rewarded for that. 

Summer or winter, the environment that surrounds the hut is astonishing. Not being connected to the rest of the world by a road makes the difference in understanding just where you are. Let yourself immerge in nature. Let time stop and simply enjoy the present moment.

Once you arrive, you’ll notice that wood is the protagonist. Both structure and furniture are wooden, in line with the ancient walser tradition with a modern twist and implemented with modern building techniques, providing adequate insulation against the harsh weather conditions, especially in winter. The family that built and runs the refuge is local, from Gressoney Saint Jean. Oreste – of which the hut is dedicated after his passing in 2004 – and Arturo – his brother and the builder of the hut – were famous alpinists and mountain guides (their cv’s list many first winter ascents in the 70’s) as well as carpenters. Born and raised in the tiny village of Gressoney Saint Jean, they explored the surroundings whilst herding goats, in a traditional walser family (9 siblings!).

What we offer

  • Refuge-luxury accommodation
    6 double rooms with private bathroom/shower. Nice and cosy. No satellite tv to be found here as we think that the view from the window will be enough to entertain you. 
  • Traditional Refuge accommodation
    2 spacious dorms with comfortable bunk beds and duvets. The shared, modern bathrooms have showers, hot water, shower gel etc. provided.

100 % vegan meals from breakfast to dinner

The restaurant is our pride and joy: we serve fully vegan meals from breakfast to dinner. Simple but buono is our motto: starting from quality whole ingredients (organic is our choice, whenever available) with the addition of creativity and passion from our chefs, we serve wonderful meals that will leave you neither bloated or heavy, but nutritionally-satisfied and fulfilled by delicious food.
We view correct nutrition as important because, unless you plan to sit on our terrace and enjoy the sunshine, reading a book from our eclectic little library, there’s plenty to do here. 

Winter ski on-piste

Explore the Monterosa Ski domain (three valleys between two Italian regions Valle d’Aosta and Piemonte interconnected by lifts and 200 kilometers of pistes) or off-piste skiing commencing at 3260m from the Punta Indren lift station, where numerous itineraries start as well as the many other off-piste routes in the area. Put on your touring-skins to explore the area is another great option, maybe reaching one of the 4000m peaks on the Monte Rosa glacier which boasts the largest land area above 4000m in the Alps. If you’re searching for something a little more tranquil, snowshoeing is a great way to really take in the surroundings and breath the fresh mountain air.


In summer you can trek through the valleys, sleeping every night in a different refuge- the most famous treks are the Tour of Monta Rosa and the Sentieri del Lys. Use Orestes Hütte to acclimatize before reaching higher refuges or summits of the magnificent Monte Rosa or simply spend a few days here to enjoy the hiking trails that surround us: there’s a nice lake just half an hour walk from us, a good place to recover and, if the weather is right, for a refreshing swim.

We even have a yoga shala where you can practice or stretch your muscles. Yoga lessons are available on request from our qualified teachers. Mats, straps, blankets and bolsters are supplied.

Our sauna, with the beautiful view on the Pyramide Vincent is close to completion, so by next winter, you’ll have one more reason to visit us.

Low environmental impact

We try our best to keep a low environmental impact: the vegan choice is a big part of this effort. The hot water for the in-floor heating and the bathrooms/sanitary comes from our solar panels (almost 70 squared meters of surface, we use gas only when the sunshine is not sufficient); we produce our own electricity with a small hydroelectric power plant; we have an electric composter for the organic waste which allows us to produce compost all year round; we separate our garbage into recycling groups before taking it down to the valley; we serve free of charge, our fresh, mountain-spring water instead of selling plastic bottles; the cleaning products and liquid soap provided in the bathrooms are eco-friendly (and we buy in bulk), the napkins and the toilet paper are made from recycled paper, the list goes on…

Cuisine purement végétalienne
Possibilité de restauration sans gluten
Petit déjeuner disponible, Demi-pension disponible
Restaurant public
Articles de toilette biologique
Articles de toilette végétalienne
Animaux domestiques sur demande
Yoga, Randonnée, Escalade, Sports d'hiver
Langues pratiquées : Anglais, Français, Allemand, Italien
VeggieHotel certifié

Nombre de chambres: 8

Prix par personne de: 75 EUR

  • avec demi pension

Demande de réservation

Adresse / Contact

Orestes Hütte

Loc. Z'Indra (Monte Rosa)
11020 Gressoney la Trinité (AO)

Téléphone: +39 (0)125 192 5484