TamanGa - Ruediger Dahlkes Lebensgarten

Gamlitz, Steiermark

TamanGa is surrounded by nature, near the charming wine-growing town of Gamlitz in Southern Styria. Here, there is poignant calm, albeit charged with energy from the surrounding forests, vineyards and our organic garden.
This setting supports our visitors, promotes physical and energetic balance and can bring deep, mind-expanding self-awareness.

In this place every guest will find something which touches the soul, inspires the mind, strengthens life energy, and thus is reminded of one’s potential.

  • Holiday: be able to relax deeply in a soothing atmosphere. Use TamanGa 100% with the “TamanGa Nature Cure”: maximum regeneration with Ruediger´s health and wellness tips
  • Traditional fasting weeks, fasting & hiking, fasting & wine with Ruediger Dahlke
    based on 40 years of experience
  • Be active with hikes, e-bike tours, walks; directly from TamanGa you can start many tours to beautiful spots and energy points
  • Self-directed fasting at your own pace
  • Training courses with Ruediger Dahlke: integral medicine, connected breathing, counseling training, psychosomatics and much more
  • Themed weeks with experts on specific diseases or life events: yoga with or without fasting, vegan-organic peace food cooking classes, nature-coaching, vision & brain training, Qi-Gong,…

TamanGa Natur Cure

You can enjoy our garden of life in peace or with the help of the “TamanGa Nature Cure”. In TamanGa the majority takes place outdoors and there is a lot to discover. Whether short-term fasting, hiking, an e-bike tour or a day of relaxation at the organic pond and shady breaks in the hammock in the forest. You decide what´s on the agenda! Use TamanGa to the maximum and choose from various offers which promote well-being and self-awareness.

Vegan, Peace Food & organic certified garden

We have mostly regional, seasonal food from our organic certified garden and from organic farmers in the area, supplemented with valuable foods, herbs and spices that are beneficial to your health or even with a therapeutic effect. In TamanGa you can enjoy plant-based, wholesome food in the sense of Ruediger Dahlke´s Peace Food Diet, free of artificial additives and above all free from animal suffering. “Vegan is boring” is out of place with us!

Peace Food cooking classes

Whether as part of our training as a vegan nutritionist according to the Peace Food Diet or to improve your cooking skills for a plant-based diet for you and your family at home; everyone is welcome to our cooking courses. Vegan cuisine can be so diverse and enjoyable. Our cooking courses are not primarily concerned with the production of “substitutes for …” e.g. scrambled eggs or parmesan, we create new, surprising, delicious things – always with a focus on health and enjoyment. In this way you can use the full quality of the plant-based ingredients and enjoy your meal with pleasure.

Fasting, Yoga & Detox

Between March and November you can find an extensive range of fasting weeks with Dr. Ruediger Dahlke from traditional fasting to Zen fasting, fasting & hiking, fasting & yoga or fasting & wine. Ruediger Dahlke’s traditional spring and autumn fasting weeks “Body – Temple of the Soul” and “Zen: Fasting – Silence – Meditating” have been visited with great pleasure for over 30 years.

They offer a practical way to find your way back to your roots. In the sense of the old fasting traditions that can be found in all religions as physical, mental and spiritual cleansing also enables deep knowledge. Additional courses such as the heart meditation week, a detox week with the focus on “healing” offer the ideal atmosphere and basis for detoxification. These programs help the organism to let go on all levels with the combination of medicinal water, wholesome vegetable food, freshly harvested from the organic garden, swimming ponds from body temperature to fresh and all beautiful places TamanGa has to offer.


  • Our „Klausen“

The three Rittais (named after the accommodations of Japanese monasteries) accommodate our Klausen. The Klause is your small private room, your retreat cell, that is made entirely of wood and best natural building material.
Here high quality meets minimalism. We want to stick to the simple lifestyle and life in TamanGa takes place outside, in our large garden area.

  • Double room, studio & holiday apartments

Larger rooms such as double rooms, studios, a suite and our spacious holiday apartments are located in the original buildings of our farm. All rooms are deliberately free of TV and W-LAN.

  • Caravan campers

Find a nice spot next to the stream or in the small woods.

Room rates range from € 95 to € 146 per person per night, including bio-vegan half board.

Hotel facilities

The double rooms, our spacious studios, suites and holiday apartments are located in the original buildings of our farm. In the Rittais, 30 Klausen (retreat cells) are housed. The Klausen are free of WiFi and TV in order to give our guests even more time to relax and find regeneration.

With 11 hectares of land, there is plenty of things to do and to explore. Our guests can find a wide range of options for detox, regeneration and relaxation.

  • Seminar rooms and open spaces such as a stone circle, forest hall or Tai-Chi meadow
  • Covered outdoor yoga platform
  • Sauna und infrared cabin
  • Biological swimming pond and therapy pond
  • Equipment for forest bathing: hammocks in the forest
  • Vegetable and herb garden
  • Kundalini loungers
  • Energized water
  • Library with Ruediger Dahlke´s books to lend
  • Brain-light armchairs with massages, light, music and guided meditations for neuro-deep relaxation
  • Ecological swimming pond

Cuisine purement végétalienne
Cuisine 100% bio
Possibilité de restauration crue
Possibilité de restauration sans gluten
Petit déjeuner disponible, Demi-pension disponible
Chambre anti-allergique
Articles de toilette biologique
Articles de toilette végétalienne
Chambre végétalienne
Respects des principes d'écoconstruction
Accès Internet
Enfants bienvenus
Animaux domestiques sur demande
Cours de jeûne, Yoga, Méditation, Tai Chi / Qigong, Cours de peinture, Cours de cuisine
Langues pratiquées : Anglais, Allemand
VeggieHotel certifié

Nombre de chambres: 34

Prix par personne de: 95 EUR

  • avec demi pension

Demande de réservation

Adresse / Contact

TamanGa - Ruediger Dahlkes Lebensgarten

Labitschberg 4
8462 Gamlitz

Téléphone: +43 3453 33600