Wanderklause - Werken und Wandern in der Rhön e.V.

Bettenhausen / Rhönblick, Thüringen

The Wanderklause, located in the nature preserve Rhoen, welcomes all guests who love simplicity and nature. The registered club Wanderklause – Working and Hiking in the Rhoen, has restored a 17th century farmhouse according to ecological principles. Using traditional materials, it has been transformed into a comfortable hostel. The spacious inner courtyard and a large orchard, a two minute walk from the house, invite the guests to read and rest. Simple and affordable rooms are available, with showers and ecological compost toilets on the same floor.

The vegetables used for the healthy, vegetarian whole food meals grow mostly in the own nature garden. An extensive library is available for the guests.

In the Thuringia part of the Rhoen you still find idyllic, serene hiking trails. Depending on weather and mood, you can walk through high beech forests or enjoy open plateaus with wide views. The seclusion of this area has saved buildings and entire village centers from demolition. The Wanderklause is an ideal starting point for extensive hikes and bike tours in the Rhoen.

Throughout the year we offer fasting weeks for single guests and small groups. The fast is according to Buchinger/Luetzner (dfa). Away from stress and the hectic rush of every day life, you may choose to have a creative and fulfilling vacation by exploring traditional crafts like weaving, felting, spinning, ceramics or puppet making.

The simple, comforting atmosphere of this guest house allows you to unwind and get back in touch with your self.

Vegan options available
Lactose free options available
Gluten free options available
Breakfast available, Half board available, Full board available
Built following ecological principles
Family friendly
Pets on request
Fasting courses, Cooking courses, Cycling, Hiking
VEBU-Card discount
Most vegetables used in the kitchen are grown in the own garden
Spoken language(s): English, German
Certified by VeggieHotels

Number of rooms: 3

Price per room from: 30 €

For prices and availability please use the booking request or visit the website of the hotel

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Address / Contact

Wanderklause - Werken und Wandern in der Rhön e.V.

Kirchberg 23½
98617 Bettenhausen / Rhönblick, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)3 69 43 - 630 90
Website: www.wanderklause.de